T-Gen Native Porcine Pericardium

T-Gen outperforms native collagen

For GBR due to its Tensile Strength, Flexibility and Resorption profile.

Type 1 Collagen derived from porcine pericardium

For excellent tissue integration and osteoblast adherence

Application performance

  • Tear-resistant, easy to shape, cut, tack or suture
  • Easy to place – no upper or lower layer
  • Fast hydration, excellent defect conformity
  • High tensile strength

Regenerative performance

2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
Micro CT
H&E stain
Rat calvaria model. At 12 weeks T-Gen sample showed bone volume increase of 93.15 with bone intensity up to 1.68. Data on file
  • Supports bone graft material
  • Reduces micromovement
  • Excellent tissue integration
  • Low incidence of dehiscence
  • Clinically documented performance

Resorption Profile

T-Gen provides excellent resilience and delivers a prolonged barrier function of more than 3 months compared to leading alternative (B product)

TG-115 x 20 mm
TG-220 x 30 mm
TG-330 x 40 mm
TG-115 x 20 mm
TG-220 x 30 mm
TG-330 x 40 mm