Innovative Closed Sinus Lift Technology

The specially designed and patented DIVA implant has all the common features and benefits of Paltop's implants. With the DIVA implant system, you can perform closed sinus elevation and bone regeneration simultaneously, in one easy to learn procedure.


  • Simple and easy to use, enabling not only specialized dental surgeons to perform sinus elevation, but also general practitioners, which greatly expands the range of procedures they can offer to patients
  • Less invasive technology that significantly lowers the risk of membrane rupture
  • Uses the implant itself to elevate the sinus membrane and reduces the risk of perforation
  • Enables the detection of sinus membrane movement through the implant
  • “Smart” configuration allows injection of bone substitute directly through the implantPatented technology around the world
  • Designed to make sinus lift procedures possible, even in cases of minimal residual bone (3mm)
  • Unlike other sinus lift procedures, it enables selective elevation of the sinus
  • Fewer associated risks than other sinus lift procedures, may be suitable for patients with complex clinical backgrounds
  • Post-op side effects such as swelling, pain and bruising are significantly reduced, as well as patient recovery periods, including those of the prosthetic stage
  • It does not require additional special tools or accessories, which lowers procedure costs


  1. DIVA Implant
  2. Internal Screw Driver (optional)
  3. Syringe
  4. IV Cannula
  5. Synthetic Bone Paste (β-TCP in hyaluronic acid)



Instructions of use