Osteotomes Kit

PALTOP Osteotome Kit


It is well established that good primary implant stability is critical to predictable osseointegration. This stability depends upon different factors. These factors include implant design and surgical protocol, but above all bone quantity and quality.

There are some clinical situations in which the bone quality is so poor that good implant stability is difficult to obtain.


The threaded design of the PALTOP osteotome creates bone compression and osteotomy preparations atraumaticaly. The conventional osteotome technique of using a malletto tap the osteotome has been associated with benignpar oxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV - vertigo).

The PALTOP Osteotome Kit allows you to improve stability in poor quality bone. Osteotome kit includes four osteotomes for all PALTOP implants sizes. The screw-type osteotomes are used for such purposes as bone compression and bone expansion.

A: 3.25 mm   B:3.75 mm   C:4.2 mm   D: 5.0 mm

It is important to match the size of the osteotome to the implant diameter.This will help ensure the stability of the implant in all types of bone and anatomic considerations.



Immediate implantation and loading with PALTOP Osteotomes for bone expansion.